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Covid-19 Information (Updated 5/3/21)

We at Ecyberdeck care about the health and safety of our staff and customers. We have developed several new protocols to ensure customers safety as we welcome you back into our store, while also providing the same top notch service and environment you have grown to expect from us.

Face Masks

✔ To protect both our customers and our staff, masks are required to enter.

Encourage Social Distancing

✔ We control all seating arrangements to manage social distancing effectively.

Sanitizing Policies

✔ Customers and staff are required to sanitize hands prior to entering.

✔ We sanitize the station, all the computer accessories, and the chairs after a customer leaves. Customers don’t need to sanitize the station again, however, we have plenty of sanitizing wipes if you decide you would like to.

✔ You can bring your own controllers, mice, and headsets if you feel more comfortable using your own equipment.

  • If you need help setting up or removing your equipment, our staff will be happy to help.
  • Staff can also sanitize your equipment should you want them to.